HyBridDev built the application as an ad-supported application. This service is provided by HyBridDev at no charge and is intended to be used as is, for the premium version of the application the user is charged for the installation fee.


This privacy policy also applies to applications labeled DUNIA ANAK.
DUNIA ANAK is a label from HYBRIDDEV STUDIO where if the application is labeled DUNIA ANAK then the application is targeted at children.
Currently HYBRIDDEV STUDIO still has only one label, namely DUNIA ANAK, it is possible that we will create another label in the future and will explain that label in this privacy policy (latest privacy policy).


Hybriddev is very protective of the privacy of the children who use our apps.
This privacy policy is intended to comply with the requirements of the US Children's online privacy protection Act ("COPPA"), general protection regulations and ("GDPR"), and other applicable laws.
If you choose to use our Services, you consent to the collection, sharing and use of information in connection with this policy. The Personal Information we collect and share will be used to provide and improve our Services.
We use, collect and share your personal information in the following ways.





Information we collect
Some of our applications collect user data, such as name, email, picture, and in-app activity such as number of taps, frequently visited pages, we use Google Analytics to collect user activity
We do not collect any information directly from you, such as location information, contact information and others
we collect technical information (which may be considered personal information under some laws), including:
1. IP Address
2. Log usage data, such as game play, beat count, game progress, and error and crash reports
The SDKs we use to collect your information are as follows:
-Firebase, service provider : Google LLC, Data Analytics Purpose





Data Usage
We use data that has been collected from you for analytical purposes to improve the quality of our application in the future, we do not use your data for purposes other than analysis





Data Sharing
Whatever data we collect from you, we will not share it with anyone






So that we can build apps for free or at a low cost, we serve you ads.
we only use admob SDK from Google LLC to provide advertisement.
Because our content is directed at children, we disable ads that are not intended for children.






Premium Apps
Some of our applications cannot be installed for free where you have to buy them first when you want to install, valid once to buy for a lifetime






Contact us
If you have any questions or suggestions about my Privacy Policy, please don't hesitate to contact me.